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Medicaid Planning

Colorado Medicaid Planning and Elder Law Attorneys

The cost of long-term care in Colorado is staggering. On average, individuals and families pay over $6,000 per month for nursing home care for incapacitated loved ones. This often exceeds available resources for many people, even those with comprehensive estate plans. However, there are assistance programs, such as Medicaid, to help bear a significant portion of the financial burden, if not all of it.

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At Denver-based Poskus, Caton & Klein, P.C., the attorneys at our firm are here to assist clients with planning for, applying for and maintaining Medicaid benefits for the elderly and for the incapacitated.

Guidance Through Every Step of the Medicaid Process

Medicaid is a government-sponsored assistance program for low-income or middle-income senior citizens and for chronically disabled persons. It is separate from Medicare and Social Security. Each state manages its own program, so it is important to work with a Colorado Medicaid planning lawyer when you are preparing to apply for benefits.

Planning for Medicaid is an essential step in qualifying for Medicaid benefits. We focus significant attention on developing an eligibility plan that is appropriate for you and your family. From spending down to gifting to protecting assets in trusts, we work with you to help structure your assets to plan for future Medicaid assistance.

The application for Medicaid benefits may seem straightforward, and it is if you have properly planned and prepared. If assets and income are at levels to permit Medicaid eligibility, then proceeding with the application is a matter of gathering, completing and submitting the proper documentation.

Each year there is a review conducted, or an annual redetermination, to verify that a person is still eligible to receive Medicaid benefits. By working with attorneys that understand the complexities of the Medicaid system and the redetermination process, you may save yourself significant anxiety – especially if there is a denial or termination of benefits.

Protecting Settlements, Judgments and Public Benefits

We also help disabled plaintiffs and their attorneys with personal injury lawsuits, working to protect their settlements or judgments from being counted by public benefits programs. In that process we, use tools such as Qualified Settlement Funds (QSFs) to help us settle the various claims from government and private agencies against the settlement funds, allowing us to maximize the return for disabled plaintiffs.

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At Poskus, Caton & Klein, we work with you from planning stages clear through appealing adverse determinations. Contact us to discuss the current Medicaid eligibility requirements and how you and your family can plan for the future by planning for Medicaid.

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